The link below will lead you to my Basinger/Baysinger/Besinger information at Rootsweb. It includes 4 separate Basinger families.

(My husband's family descends from the first family.)

Basingers at RootsWeb WorldConnect 

  1. 1.   Three brothers (Philip Jacob*, Johann Peter*, and Michael) who immigrated to Philadelphia in 1770 and lived in Lancaster County for a short time before moving south and west. Lutheran and Reformed. Many moved west to Tennessee.

2.   The Basinger family in Rowan County, North Carolina to which the actress Kim Basinger belongs. Lutheran and Reformed. Many moved  west to Tennessee.

3.   The Mennonite Basinger family that immigrated in the early 1800's and settled in Ohio, mainly in Wayne, Allen, Columbiana, and Putnam Counties. They left Switzerland for Alsace, France about 1740.


  1. 4.The Basinger family that lived in Stone Arabia, New York - may have arrived in Pennsylvania in 1733. Lutheran and Reformed.

In 2008 Jay T. Basinger created the Basinger, Boesiger, Bösiger Family Heritage Association. He reports:

"Last June, Christopher Debes Baysinger and Jay T.Basinger had the first Y-DNA breakthrough connecting the Pennsylvania German Basingers with the Ohio Swiss Alsace Basingers."

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Descendants of the B Brothers 3 (Arriving in PA in 1770)   Contact me

Our Basinger family descends from 2 of the 3 Basinger brothers that arrived in Philadelphia in 1770.