This Link will lead to my Null/Noll information at RootsWeb. I include information on

many Null/Noll families. I believe my ancestor Leonard Null is a descendant of immigrant Johann

George Null who arrived in Pennsylvania September 23, 1732 on the ship, Loyal Judith. His

descendants say the Nulls were French Huguenots. I am still trying to link our ancestor Leonard to immigrant Johann George Null .

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  1. I include the mother's maiden name as a middle name for most individuals. Know that the middle name is usually my inclusion for identification purposes.

  1. Names in CAPITAL LETTERS immigrated to the US

  1. Names with an * are my direct line. State abbreviations (TX) in a name mean the individual made a move to that state.

  1. Surnames are sometimes in parenthesis "(Noll) Null". I choose a common spelling but include the spelling found in most documents in (parenthesis)