The Weirs in Scotland

The Weirs in Bucks County

by Evelyn Eisenhard

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on many Weir/Wier/Wear families, including the Weirs who settled in New England, the Weirs who settled in South Carolina, and the Weirs who settled first in Pennsylvania. Additional photos and stories are on Contact me for an invite to Weir information on

I include the mother's maiden name as a middle name for most individuals. Know that the middle name is usually my inclusion for identification purposes.
Names in CAPITAL LETTERS immigrated to the US
Names with an * are my direct line. State abbreviations (TX) in a name mean the individual made a move to that state.
Surnames are sometimes in parenthesis "(Wear) Weir". I choose a common spelling but include the spelling found in most documents in (parenthesis).

The Children and Grandchildren of James and Emma Weir

The Ancestors of James Weir of Warrington Township